Project Beauty: Nya – the photoshoot

For my second subject for Project Beauty, I chose another former coworker of mine– the beautiful and bright Nya Peets. Nya has always struck me as a cheery, caring, and driven person. This project has not only solidified that for me, but also has allowed me to learn even more about her. This has been an unexpected, but really pleasant part of the process that I have uncovered. The chance to actually sit down and focus on a person and learn some things about them that you would of never have thought to ask otherwise.

Nya was so fun to shoot as she has such a playful personality and her confidence is infectious. We were originally going to shoot on the Highline, butΒ decided to go with a place with more personality– and I’m so happy we did!

Check out the photos below and stay tuned for the interview with Nya.

IMG_3057 IMG_3082 IMG_3092IMG_3211
IMG_3148IMG_3164 IMG_3150IMG_3110 IMG_3157 IMG_3254

Project Beauty: Madeline Make-up Tutorial

As another aspect of the Project Beauty, I like to do the make-up of my subject. I take in mind their personal style, their unique facial structure, and what sort of look they’d like to see on them.

Below you will see a recorded video in which I apply the look for Madeleine’s photo shoot, along with what products I used.

Hope you like!

Project Beauty: Madeleine, Part 2

For the second part of my project, I like to interview the person and find out a little bit more about them.

I sat down with Madeleine and asked her a series of questions ranging from her own personal style evolution, her views on beauty & society, and to hear about the moment she felt most confident.

Madeleine currently resides in the Upper East Side and works in NYC as a social media specialist. You can find her at Iggy’s during the weekend dancing and singing without a care in the world. She truly is a genuine person who is beautiful inside and out.

Project Beauty: Madeleine

There is a lot of discussion around what is beautiful in society and the answer is constantly changing and evolving through different cultures and time periods. I wanted to begin a new project in which I would spend time with one person and find out what they think about beauty and what they find beautiful about themselves. My first subject is my good friend and previous co-worker Madeleine Roberts.

Below you will see a serious of photos I took of Madeleine in the Upper East Side where she currently resides. I try to choose a place they are connected with and ask them to wear their favorite outfit, or one they feel best represents their style and personality.

Look forward to two future videos on Madeleine including an interview on what beauty means to her and a make-up tutorial for the look I did for her for this shoot!

Thanks Madeleine for being my first test subject~ xo

IMG_2712-3 IMG_2743 IMG_2751 IMG_2757 IMG_2765 IMG_2775 IMG_2789 IMG_2824