Project Beauty: Jessica Hughes

Jessica and I became friends at a time that I was adjusting to a new part of myself. She became not only a close friend, but a sort of mentor that has shaped me into a better person. She’s not only the most woke yt person I know, but also the most badass strong womyn!

Jessica has a wisdom and grace beyond her years. Even with all the shit that life has thrown her way, she has handled it with a sense of purpose and strength. I’m pleased to present the pictures I’ve taken of Jessica and some quotes that won’t be featured in her video interview.

IMG_7023-1IMG_7023Jessica’s unique black diamond engagement ring.

“A huge turning point for me, in my engagement, has been that I’m not relying on my partner to validate how good I look anymore. Getting over that has probably made me a lot hotter in my relationship. Just being in possession of yourself and not doing it for your partner.”


“When i was younger I used to be 50,60 pounds heavierย in high school and I didn’t have much style because I didn’t think I was allowed to have style.”


“If I’m struggling I’m living. It’s just like everything that I do, for myself or with myself…every change I see is only proof that I’m moving forward.”


“Women are taught that you’re taking something away from someone else if you’re the best version of you. I don’t feel that way anymore and thats beenย liberating.”


“When you’re not fighting yourself, you’re a lot less likely to pick fights with other people.”

Jessica currently lives in Tallahassee, FL with her partner Dre. She is a writer and is spendingย the first half of her year in chemotherapy and the second half adjusting to life in remission for a 3rd time.


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