Project Beauty: Chandani – The photos

I had the great pleasure of becoming friends with Chandani recently. From the beginning she has astounded me with her confidence and her devil-may-care brash attitude. Hailing from Bombay, we talked about her move to America, the culture of India in comparison, and where she derives her high level of confidence from.

Look out for the video next week, however I’ve included some quotes from her that won’t be featured in her interview. Thank you Chandani for being a part of this and I look forward to a long friendship with you!

“Fair skin is a huge deal (in India). The entire effort goes into maintaining your fairness. I’ll meet with my relatives and they’re be like ‘oh my god! You’ve gotten dark!” like it’s the worst thing in the world, and I’m like it’s fine, it’s skin it goes back and forth.”



“For the first 13 years of my life I had a short boy cut. I used to look like a boy, because I was flat chested. There was this one time I was walking my dog and this one woman with her child was like ‘Look at that boy walking his dog!’ and I was like I’m not a boy!”


“I think I’m pretty much like all of you guys, but I realized a lot of people think I’m not one of you guys. That is what weirds me out. I just generally think of you guys as normal people, but I’m always looked at as the international student”



“Back in India I used to wear deep necks all the time. I don’t own a single turtle neck, I’d feel like a nun. I see so many people here who do not wear deep necks or deep back or deep anything. Their dressing is so conservative in a sense. I’ve been covering up more and not just because it’s cold.”



“I’ve been writing since I was 10. I always knew I was going to be a writer. At 13 I pitched the idea of becoming a copywriter to my parents and they said ‘NO!’. I was told so many times that being a writer is not a lucrative thing. I took an internship and worked my ass off for 4 months and got a job as a writer. And now I’m here.”


Chandani is currently living in Queens with her friends and attending Miami Ad School (the New York branch) for the copywriting program.



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