GLOSSYBOX: The Future of the Beauty Industry

23 Sep


The world of beauty is constantly changing and evolving. New products, new trends, and new innovations. It seems a shame to limit yourself to simply what you can pick up at a drugstore or the mall. There are tons of niche beauty companies that make great products, but don’t have as much publicity or distribution.

That’s where Glossybox comes in. Glossybox works with both established and new brands to bring beauty lovers a beautifully gift-wrapped box every month of deluxe-sized samples of luxury cosmetic products. This way you can test and try out different products and learn more about what is out there in the expansive world of beauty. Perhaps you’ll find a product that you love and would have never picked up before? It is a great way to expand your beauty collection and to keep up to date with trends.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 2.45.15 PM

For me, one of my favorite parts about Glossybox is it’s packaging. It makes me feel like I’m getting a gift every month filled exactly with what I love- beauty products. You can reuse the box and even tie the ribbon in your hair. It’s such a lovely and cute display that it seems a shame to just throw it away after you’ve unwrapped it.

If you want to learn more about Glossybox you can click here. They also have an online magazine that you can flip through for free to learn more about the current trends in beauty.

I am starting my social media internship at this company tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. Tweet me and let me know if you’ve tried Glossybox, or any of our competitors, and what you think about it: @JacquelineJinse

Stay Glossy,

Jackie Jinse

Easy Edgy Eyelook

18 Sep

Even though I have a library of different colored eyeshadows, sometimes I like to keep it simple and just mix and match eyeliners. Check out this simple, yet beautiful eyelook below

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Flashback NYFW Fall ’13: The Best Makeup Looks & How to Wear Them

10 Sep

It’s New York Fashion Week and everyone is a buzz! Even though the shows are for Spring 2014, let’s revisit Fall 2013 NYFW to remember what makeup-looks are best for right now.

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5 Secrets to Flawless Foundation

4 Sep

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 5.10.39 PM

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Update: Hair, Skin, & Life

2 Sep

Hair: Since my failure of the ‘No-Poo’ hair experiment, I have tried to go back to using the L’oreal Cleansing Conditioner. Although I had once achieved beautiful results from this product, I have yet been able to replicate it. I believe that from now on I’m going to stick to good ol’ shampoo.

Skin: I’m still using the OCM, without anything else. I simply splash my face with warm water in the morning and evening (if I don’t use the OCM). My skin has been flaky and dry and I believe if I start supplementing with Argan oil or Jojoba oil it will fix this problem. I will keep updating!

Life: I’ve moved to New York! Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s been hectic trying to move in and such.

I will update more starting next week

Til next time,

Jackie Jinse

Have I Been Doing It All Wrong? De-bunking DIY Skincare Recipes

29 Aug

There comes a time where you have to admit you are wrong about some things. I know, I know, this is new information for you because you consider me infallible. Alas, dear sweet child, that time has come.

If you watch the video below, you will see an esthetician. An esthetician is a person who is knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, a beautician. She created this video in order to battle against the countless DIY skin recipes that are actually harmful to your skin. If you listen to her explanation, a lot of it makes sense.

Of course, this is one persons word and some things may work for you, but it’s good to know the consequences that could potentially go along with it. For example, when I used my apple cider vinegar & water toner after my baking soda rinse, I did notice a severe drying of my skin. Since then, I have stopped using that cleansing method and use only the OCM.

However, in the video she states that you should not use pure lavender oil on the skin. I have read that you should never use essential oils undiluted on the skin, but that lavender oil is an exception. Lavender oil has worked miracles on my skin. I don’t know if I will stop using it undiluted as a spot treatment, but I’m happy to be more knowledgable about it now.

Watch the video and tell me what you think! Have you used any of these DIY remedies before? What were your experiences? Tweet @JacquelineJinse or comment below

Until Next Time,

Jackie Jinse

P.S. Here is her video on DIY recipes you should try: Here

‘No Poo’ Hair Experiment, Final Thoughts

28 Aug


I have come to the end of my long arduous experiment of using no shampoo for one month, and instead opting for baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

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Style Spotting: Miley Cyrus

27 Aug

The VMAs were on Sunday night and everyone is still buzzing about. If you saw Miley Cyrus’ performance, well then you know why.

Check out my post about it here:

“She Can’t Stop and She Won’t Stop” Miley Cyrus & the Appropriation of Black Youth Culture

If you were able to tear your eyes away from the hypnotizing twerkings of Ms. Cyrus

then maybe you noticed the awesome platform sneakers she was rocking

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