Project Beauty: Jessica Hughes

Jessica and I became friends at a time that I was adjusting to a new part of myself. She became not only a close friend, but a sort of mentor that has shaped me into a better person. She’s not only the most woke yt person I know, but also the most badass strong womyn!

Jessica has a wisdom and grace beyond her years. Even with all the shit that life has thrown her way, she has handled it with a sense of purpose and strength. I’m pleased to present the pictures I’ve taken of Jessica and some quotes that won’t be featured in her video interview.

IMG_7023-1IMG_7023Jessica’s unique black diamond engagement ring.

“A huge turning point for me, in my engagement, has been that I’m not relying on my partner to validate how good I look anymore. Getting over that has probably made me a lot hotter in my relationship. Just being in possession of yourself and not doing it for your partner.”


“When i was younger I used to be 50,60 pounds heavierย in high school and I didn’t have much style because I didn’t think I was allowed to have style.”


“If I’m struggling I’m living. It’s just like everything that I do, for myself or with myself…every change I see is only proof that I’m moving forward.”


“Women are taught that you’re taking something away from someone else if you’re the best version of you. I don’t feel that way anymore and thats beenย liberating.”


“When you’re not fighting yourself, you’re a lot less likely to pick fights with other people.”

Jessica currently lives in Tallahassee, FL with her partner Dre. She is a writer and is spendingย the first half of her year in chemotherapy and the second half adjusting to life in remission for a 3rd time.

Project Beauty: Chandani – The photos

I had the great pleasure of becoming friends with Chandani recently. From the beginning she has astounded me with her confidence and her devil-may-care brash attitude. Hailing from Bombay, we talked about her move to America, the culture of India in comparison, and where she derives her high level of confidence from.

Look out for the video next week, however I’ve included some quotes from her that won’t be featured in her interview. Thank you Chandani for being a part of this and I look forward to a long friendship with you!

“Fair skin is a huge deal (in India). The entire effort goes into maintaining your fairness. I’ll meet with my relatives and they’re be like ‘oh my god! You’ve gotten dark!” like it’s the worst thing in the world, and I’m like it’s fine, it’s skin it goes back and forth.”



“For the first 13 years of my life I had a short boy cut. I used to look like a boy, because I was flat chested. There was this one time I was walking my dog and this one woman with her child was like ‘Look at that boy walking his dog!’ and I was like I’m not a boy!”


“I think I’m pretty much like all of you guys, but I realized a lot of people think I’m not one of you guys. That is what weirds me out. I just generally think of you guys as normal people, but I’m always looked at as the international student”



“Back in India I used to wear deep necks all the time. I don’t own a single turtle neck, I’d feel like a nun. I see so many people here who do not wear deep necks or deep back or deep anything. Their dressing is so conservative in a sense. I’ve been covering up more and not just because it’s cold.”



“I’ve been writing since I was 10. I always knew I was going to be a writer. At 13 I pitched the idea of becoming a copywriter to my parents and they said ‘NO!’. I was told so many times that being a writer is not a lucrative thing. I took an internship and worked my ass off for 4 months and got a job as a writer. And now I’m here.”


Chandani is currently living in Queens with her friends and attending Miami Ad School (the New York branch) for the copywriting program.


Project Beauty: Andie – The Photos

Andie and I met in high school during freshman year. When I met her she was totally different from the Andie I know now, style wise at least. I knew it would be interesting to hear about her thoughts on beauty, style, and a sense of self. Andie is one of the most expressive and creative people I know and I’m so pleased that she could be apart of this series. We took these photos over a period of a day that we spent just hanging out. I hope that she likes these pictures and sees how beautiful of a person she is.





Project Beauty: Andie – The Interview

For the 3rd installment of Project Beauty, I chose a long-time friend of mine – Andie McMahon. She discusses her evolution of style and self in high school, her many memorable tattoos, and her hopes for the future.

I originally wanted her video to be about 10 minutes long because of all the interesting things she had to say, but I managed to get it under five. Watch below.

Project Beauty: Nya – the interview

I finally finished my interview with the delightful Nya Peets! When I interviewed Nya I was astounded by how much confidence and love she has for herself and for others. I think she is truly an inspiration and a beautiful woman inside and out.

Watch below & share if you like!